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Jackelini & Pedro | Married

Today we’re going to review another story that crosses the Atlantic Ocean!

Jackelini is Brazilian, but she’s been in Portugal for a while, and Pedro is Portuguese. They live their life together in Lisbon but they decided to have their wedding in Pedro’s home town, Leiria.

I met them right at the beginning of this year and I was obviously happy to be chosen to photograph their big day. I always enjoy weddings that have people coming from far away because often that leads to good stories and lively parties, and my prediction was right! :)

Before the wedding we went for a walk around S. Pedro de Moel, on a windy day in April. We got some great shots, hair flowing in the wind and all, we got to chatting a bit so we could get to know each other and they told me some of what they had planned for their wedding.

Jackelini had a lot of friends and family come here from across the Ocean and Pedro got his people together too. A great group was gathered to make this party happen!

The ceremony happened in the Espírito Santo Church in Leiria, one that rarely has weddings but is very beautiful, right there in the center of our city.

After the petals and confetti the entourage went to Quinta de Santo António do Freixo and was entertained by Nuno Santos and his violin!

There it was easy to tell that many of the friends and family of the bride and groom were also friends to photography and in the middle of the festivities there were good moments to register in photographs. Have a look below!


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