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Anna & Sean | Married

Today is the day for believing that life brings us exactly what we need.

Imagine that you've been in a foreign country, you had fun on your trip and your sitting on the airplane for your return trip, a plane that wasn't even supposed to be your plane because there was a cancelation and then someone asked to switch seats and... bam! You meet the Love of your life! :D

I know it's far fetched, but it happens. Anna and Sean's story is here to prove it, and I was lucky enough to go and photograph their wedding on the beautiful island of S. Miguel in the Azores.

Why did an Italian and an American choose the Azores to get married? Well, that's because the flight on which they met was precisely the one they were on leaving from the Azores towards Lisbon at the end of their respective holidays during the summer of 2015.

Let me tell you a little bit about these two because they are really cool. They are the type of people that I think everyone should meet because they have this natural empathy that flows calmly from them and affects those that are close to them.

Borders aren't obstacles for them because they are clearly citizens of the world and their curiosity for all cultures makes them extremely interesting.

Even though they live and work far from friends and family it was easy to realize that they always keep their people really close and it was great to hear stories about the two of them told by some of the almost 100 people that came from the most varied places for their wedding in the Azores.

It was a 4-day adventure that involved a welcome barbeque, a photoshoot the day before the wedding in which we discovered a bit of the island, the wedding day in the amazing São Francisco Convent in Vila Franca do Campo and another more adventurous photoshoot for the bride and groom on the day after the wedding.

Good people in beautiful places. Life brought it and I'm thankful. :)

Have a look!

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