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Solange e Daniel | Married

Here goes another Love story, this time around with a triple celebration!

Solange and Daniel are some of the nicest people I've photographed to this day and their little boy is just like his parents! It was a triple party because they got married on the day of their son's first birthday and they also had him baptized.

Before the wedding, we went for a small walk around the beautiful gardens of Real Abadia Congress & Spa Hotel, that Solange knows well, and through the center of Alcobaça too, the city where the wedding ceremony took place.

In the beginning, the bride and groom were a bit nervous but despite that, the proximity between them was easy to see and in my opinion, when that is the case, my work becomes quite easy. All that was needed was for the bride and groom to be themselves and as we talked they got used to me and left the photoshoot in a good mood and confident about their wedding day.

On the big day, they shared the celebration with their little boy and he has a contagious smile! As you can see for yourselves in the photos below.

Because it was a triple party and because the bride and groom are clearly very popular people among their friends and family, it was a party with a lot of people! The Alcobaça Monastery is big but at the time of the ceremony, the pews had quite a lot of people anxious to see the bride and groom arriving.

After the ceremony, while the guests were headed to the party venue, we explored the cloisters of the monastery for a bit to take advantage of the beautiful location.

The party was lively with lots of people in the mood to have fun, surprises and entertainment throughout the afternoon and night!

You can have a look at the pictures and/or try having a look at the video I created with the pictures that is down at the end.

It is something different that I've started doing more recently but I think it is a good way of showing some of the day's pictures. What do you think?



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