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Carine & Maxime | Married

This summer I had the opportunity to photograph a lot of different people that came from several places to get married in Portugal. In the photographs I'm showing you today, Carine is from portuguese ascent and she brought with her Maxime, who is french. They came on their summer trip to visit Portugal, as they usually do, but this summer the trip was different because it involved their wedding! :)

The first photos we did together were done in mid-May, when we met up in Coimbra to walk around the botanical garden there. It was a relaxed outing, with only the bride and groom because even though they already have 3 kids this afternoon was only for them to enjoy each other's company and for me to take some photographs.

The wedding was in late July, with the ceremony taking place in the village where the bride is from, Pelmá, and the reception at the beautiful Quinta da Alcaidaria-Mór. It is quite a lovely place, that gave us beautiful scenery and some hidden nooks to photograph in. Besides, since it's also a rural tourism spot, it was able to house Maxime's entire family. This way everyone had fun, without having to worry about big trips after the party. :)

The party started as soon as we got to the Quinta, the heat was noticeable but there was ice cream by Gelato Davvero and drinks by Art Drinks to keep everyone cool!

With the music by Cheers Aquela Banda and the lively people that chatted in a mix of portuguese and french the afternoon was a lot of fun and when the evening turned into night the party continued well beyond dinner time!

Have a look!


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