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Carolina & Bernardo | Married

Have you ever seen ping-pong played at a wedding? I have! :D

An afternoon well spent, with good weather, good vibes, with family and friends, with a wedding and a few games in the mix! That was Carolina and Bernardo's big day.

Everything happened at Quinta das Silveira, in Leiria. From the bride and groom's preparations, everyone helped out, whether it was putting the games together, choosing the nail polish color or drinking some "warp up" beers! :)

The civil ceremony included some poems read for the bride and groom and people threw lavender instead of the customary rice, that left its scent in the air and created a very nice effect for the photos too!

During the afternoon the guests jumped into action with some surprise dances and the bride and groom got everyone into a great game of bingo.

The bride and groom on top of the cake (yes, I'm talking about the topper) enjoyed this wedding very much too, they had been at another family wedding before but they hadn't had that much fun in a while.

The actual bride and groom also danced, of course, and they treated the guests to a very well-rehearsed choreography. The wedding escaped from the traditional when the groom threw the bouquet for the single men and after that, the party, that was directed by Nuno Santos, was such that there were some who ended up hanging from the ceiling!

Here are the photos!

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