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Flávia & Fábio | Married

So, I am back after a mini-break, during which I hopped over to Budapest (check out the Instagram stories later), to tell you one more story about very nice people I photographed this Summer.

We went for a stroll around Nazaré, where Flávia and Fábio like to go walk around and eat, on a pretty windy day. Personally, I enjoy facing these little adversities more and more. After all, photos with the wind in your hair are quite cool!

The bride and groom were served a pretty hot day to have their celebration on, there were some that even took the chance to sunbathe!

In the morning there were some adventures: some people that wake up a bit late and then have to get help with tying their tie; many friendly helping hands to button up the dress; and even those that are already making toasts before the ceremony. :D

The kind of little stories that altogether make up the wedding day.

After the ceremony there was rice and there were happy tears among the hugs and well-wishes and the entourage moved to the reception location at the Pinhal da Quinta restaurant. It isn't as big as some other spaces that I've photographed in but I can assure you it was full in the best way possible, it was filled with the love that the bride and groom's family and friends brought with them.

There were a lot more toasts, dancing and a heck of a party!

Check it out.


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