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Internacional fun!

The proof that a wedding with less than 100 guests can also be a BIG party is here! What matters isn't the number of people at the party, but rather the amount of party in the people. ;)

Tânia and Geoff are an international couple, they met in the United Kingdom but they come to Portugal often and because of that they decided to gather their favorite people here to have their celebration and enjoy the summer holidays.

You certainly see in the photos that it wasn't the sunniest day ever, despite the fact that it was in August, but I can also tell you that the people there did a superb job heating up the day!

Contrary to what happens typically the photographs started close to the ceremony time, while the guests and the groom were waiting for the bride to arrive among conversations and drinks.

The ceremony was spoken both in Português and English with the help of Bárbara who translated not only this part but also helped with organizing some of the entertainment later on.

At the end of the ceremony, happiness was evident across the faces of the bride and groom and the party didn't need long to "take-off", especially because the theme of the wedding was connected to the trips Tânia and Geoff go on, and as a matter of fact even their wedding rings arrived on a personalized airplane!

One of the things I often enjoy at weddings is the speeches, in particular when you get to hear the stories, for example, of how Geoff convinced all his friends to go to a specific bar so that he could talk to Tânia more often after they met.

Despite the grayish day, Quinta da Falca is privileged when it comes to its view over the ocean, and the place itself is special for them because the proposal also happened there. So we took a little stroll on the path that leads to the beach, before returning to the party.

The couple showed everyone how you do a really fun choreographed first dance to the sound of a medley and they pulled everyone in to dance together at the end.

There was some karaoke and international fun until the night was done!

Entertainers - @3d.eventos

Florist - @heliartefloral

Translator - @barbara_b_palma


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