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A big day, with two celebrations!

In this post I'm going to include even more photographs than usual. The reason is simple, the day had two parties and that originated many photos!

The day started with Martim's christening, he is Sara and César's son, and they were the protagonists of the second party of the day. Martim got ready at home with the help of his godmother and godfather and after that, the family went to the main church in Marinha Grande where the first ceremony of the day took place.

After the greetings by friends and family members, everyone headed to Quinta da Boubã where the party itself, got started. It was directed more to the little ones during the morning and beginning of the afternoon.

After lunch, it was time to start the preparations for the second ceremony, Sara and César's wedding. So the bride and groom went to get ready while everything was being prepared in and around the bandstand at the quinta for the second highlight of the day.

This second ceremony also had the help of Martim, that took the wedding rings to his parents, and also of friends that said some words about the bride and groom.

Of course the party still had a lot to give and it continued into the night, well after dinner. You can check it out here in the photos.



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