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Um passeio diferente em Lisboa | A different stroll through Lisbon

civil wedding in Lisbon

On the 1st of August 2020, there was supposed to be a great party, but as with many other things in 2020, it couldn't happen exactly as planned.

Elena and Fábio had their date set, but instead of changing everything to 2021, they decided to keep their civil ceremony on the original date since in August they could do it.

So we talked about it and what we did was to set it up in a way that we could use their engagement shoot to photograph them on this day.

We went to the city office at the end of the morning where the ceremony took place with only a few relatives besides the bride and groom and at the beginning of the afternoon, we went for a stroll around Lisbon.

Lisbon was quite different from what we are used to since there were very few people out on the street. Still, the bride and groom made a few heads turn because you can't go by unnoticed with this much style.

It was, in my opinion, a happy day, with some photos so that in the future they can remember how it was different. Now, in 2021 will have the rest of the party. :)

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