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A holiday with a wedding

Portugal is a country of explorers and there are many Portuguese people spread across the world. Entire families come to visit their native country during the holidays and on special occasions.

And why not combine the two? It's what Céline and Adílio did in August. :)

They planned everything for the wedding to happen during the summer holidays but before that, while they coordinated things on one of their visits to Portugal, we went for a walk around Tomar. It was a cool March day, but the sun and the good mood were there too.

On the big day, each of their families lent a hand in creating a beautiful celebration, both during the preparations up to the ceremony, as well as at the venue during the different moments of the party.

The day also belonged to little Santiago, their son, who was baptized and made the celebration even greater.

There were even two VW Beetles that matched, one for the parents and one for the son, in corresponding sizes! ;)

With games, playful moments, and lots of dancing it was a very well-spent day of celebration!

Have a look.

Entertainers - @kantagora_eventos

Florist - Rosa D'ouro



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