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A long adventure

Lagoa da Ervedeira Carpe Momentum

Today's story is one of resilience, the ability to overcome and recover from adversity.

I met Inês and Rui in January of 2019, they were planning to get married in April 2020, but at that time none of us dreamt of the turmoil that was coming.

We did their engagement session in February 2020, two or three weeks before everything started to close down. We walked around Figueira da Foz, in the places they like, where Rui proposed. It was a cold but beautifully sunny day.

The first pandemic wave hit and along with it came the first postponement of their wedding.

Inês and Rui had their work cut out for them, they got married on the fourth date they booked.

Between pandemic waves and life happening, they had to fight through a lot, they had to adjust and change, but they did it all, together.

The big day finally arrived on the 26th of September 2021 and it was thrilling. After all, there was a lot of accumulated emotion from over a year and a half of waiting.

It was one of those days in which tears of happiness are plentiful because those that were with them on that day suffered the changes and adjustments along with them and also released their happiness in seeing them get to their wedding day healthy and successful.

They got ready in Coimbra, in a house where they had family and friends and they managed their cat and mouse game perfectly to prevent the groom from seeing the bride ready before the ceremony! That was an interesting game! :)

The place that took their happiness in was Quinta do Vale Pousado close to Coimbra, where the civil ceremony took place followed by their joyful party with the help of Son Latino Eventos.

Also during their wedding day, they manage to spread happiness among their friends since there was a wedding proposal, carefully coordinated and planned with the help of the bride and groom!

After the big day we met up again in a beautiful place, the Ervideira Lagoon, where we walked around a bit and we created some more images to forever keep this beautiful moment, with these two amazing people, in their memories.

Below are the photos.

Now all that is left to know is if I'll be the lucky one that gets to photograph the continuation of the story of the wedding proposal. ;)



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