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Dance your own way!

This wedding had the type of details I like to see, things that show what the couple likes, and makes their wedding unique.

When we did the engagement photoshoot their love for Pedrogão beach became clear, it is near and dear to their hearts.

On that day they drove the classic Mercedes that would take them on the wedding day too, and we went to Ervedeira lagoon to enjoy the sunset.

On the wedding day they both put a little of themselves into the smallest details.

Fábio, besides being in love with Filipa, also really likes artisanal beer, and has even made his own beer! He has a huge collection of the most varied bottles and so they decided to use them to identify the tables at the wedding venue, something I had never seen and I thought was really original.

Filipa, besides being in love with Fábio, also really likes macrame and decor. She and her mother work together to create decorative art pieces, that were included in the decor of the ceremony and party venue.

The ceremony took place at the Sé de Leiria and there I witnessed something one doesn't see all the time, a priest that really knows the couple and whose closeness and friendship are evident.

The final moment of the ceremony was marked by a beautiful version of "Con te partirò" by the coral group Corallium.

At the venue, Quinta das Oliveiras, the party started off early, and, during the afternoon, the heat drove people to get their feet in the water to keep cool during the dancing. :)

During the afternoon we had time to make wonderful images of the bride and groom taking advantage of the garden space at the venue and we then quickly returned to the party.

Later at night, after the couple's first dance, Filipa surprised everyone with a change of dress, so that she could dance freely all the way until the end of the party!

It was a wedding made in the image of the bride and groom, just like the ones I recommend to everyone! :)

Suit - @guilmans

Florist and Decor - @bohobymarias @lovingeventos

Gifts - @pecaunica__