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The best kind of happiness is shared

Being happy alone is quite possible, it was my case for a while. But at the same time, I know that happiness is bigger and more complete, in my opinion, when we share it with someone.

A wedding is by definition an opportunity to share happiness, between the two people getting married, between them and the people taking part in their big day, whether they are family or friends, but when you add a christening to the party, you share even more.

This way the parents share their wedding day with the youngest element of the family. An even more memorable date for celebration is created.

It was so with Andreia and João's wedding, one of the few of 2020, that I had the pleasure of safeguarding in images forever.

And yes friends, I am stretching out the stories here on the blog... ;)

After these fine photos, there is just one wedding from 2020 left, but I'm hoping that soon I'll start photographing the stories of 2021!

Until then, I hope you enjoy this one.


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