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From school, for life.

Today I'm bringing you a Love story that started early. I say this because Telma and Eduardo met in school in Leiria, and they've been together for quite a while.

We thought that, given how their story began, a good option for their engagement shoot would be to walk around Leiria, close to the school that brought them together, so that they could once again hang out there. We still had time to drop by the beach and enjoy the sun there at the end of the afternoon. :)

On the wedding day, they were both quite relaxed, with some bustling at both their houses but everything was rolling easily towards the time of the event.

The ceremony took place at Convento dos Franciscanos in Leiria, close to the school. ;)

After that, the reception happened at Quinta de Santo António do Freixo where their relatives and friends were able to witness many kisses between the bride and groom, where there were traditional games and some more modern ones and also an innovative competition of bow and arrow skill to get the bride's bouquet! This competition was open to both bachelorettes and bachelors and even though it was a bit longer than usual (everyone had to fine-tune their aim) it provided a lot of laughs!

We were blessed with a very golden sunset for the bride and groom portraits, where we explored the beautiful space of the venue and after that, the fun continued with lots of music and dancing, with dancers big and small, fueled by Nuno Santos and his Música Improvável (Unlikely Music)!

The bride and groom finished the day off in style with cake, fireworks, and kisses. :)

Have a look!



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