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Happiness running wild!

Tânia and Tiago are one of the nicest couples I've met to this day. That was clear since the first meeting I had with them, but most of all when we did their engagement shoot around Tomar.

Initially, they were worried because they thought they never looked good in photos, but I told them what I usually tell couples: "If you're good together, you'll look good in the photos, believe me." And they did and showed how good they are together. :)

The day before the wedding generated some concern because unfortunately, the forest fires of early July had been close to Tiago's parents' house. Fortunately, things cooled down and they were able to carry on with the celebration as planned.

It was beautiful to see Tiago's friends arriving early to give a hand in getting stuff ready and all the people that gathered at Tânia's parents' house celebrating when she came out in her bride dress.

The entrance into the church for the ceremony left many with tears of happiness on their faces. That happiness continued to manifest in many smiles until the end of the ceremony, signaled by a rain of rice and petals, some beers, and the start of the party.

That party moved to Quinta da Concha and as they arrived Tiago had to drive another vehicle, showing his determination to arrive at the party location. Still, he did need to refuel halfway up. ;)

The party was propelled by K7 Pirata and the band The Tourist gave a small concert during the afternoon. Everyone there wanted to let their happiness run wild, and celebrate and I think that you can see clearly in the photos that the "fire" was in the hearts of these people, happy for Tânia and Tiago.

Dress - @a_bela_noiva

Cake - @grilorenato (Flor Lidia)

Music at the ceremony - @solennespirituoso

Florist - Decoflor

"Bem casados" sweets - Bianca Rodrigues Doces Finos