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Here we go!

Friends, this year has already had a few weddings, christenings, and families photographed by me, but the acceleration was so great that I've only now started updating the blog.

So here we go, this was the first wedding of the year, Ana and Rúben had their celebration on the 22nd of May, and what a party it was!

I knew that they shared a passion for motorcycles, but at the groom's place there was an entire family of bikers waiting for me! Each one has their own motorcycle! :D

It was also the first time I photographed a groom with 4 hands! (Check the photo below)

At the bride's place, there was a calm environment but meanwhile, the party helpers arrived to get everyone going and assist the bride with preparations. Everyone was ready on time and off we went to the Sanctuary Senhor Jesus dos Milagres.

The groom and friends arrived in style, on two wheels, but they made the bride wait a few minutes! The logistics of parking all the motorcycles weren't very simple.

The smiles that the bride and groom exchanged during the ceremony were a clear sign of their happiness, and they were "blessed" with quite a bit of rice upon their exit from the church! (I really missed seeing that flying rice!)

Outside the motorcycles roared in celebration of the newlyweds and then the group headed towards the party at Quinta das Silveiras.

There, people shared toasts, there were sing-alongs with accordeons, dancing and there was even a celebratory "burnout"!

It was a darn good day, to start the season off the right way!

Long live the bride and groom!


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