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Love and rock n'roll!!

dance pole bride bouquet toss

These two are proof that music brings people together!

Anna and António met on a Heavy Metal cruise on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. He is Portuguese and she was born in Germany but raised in Prague in the Czech Republic, united by music.

On this day they got their family and closest friends together for a wedding in which 4 languages were spoken, Portuguese, German, Czech, and English.

The civil ceremony was right in the center of Lisbon and the plan was to go to one of the gardens that overlook the city, to eat, drink and enjoy music.

The rain changed the original plan but could not diminish the happiness and the partying that happened at their place.

It was without a doubt a wedding significantly different from those I usually photograph, but the essence of what is a happy wedding was there: Two people who Love each other, capable of dealing with anything together, with enough family and friends around to make a memorable moment!

Whenever I witness this type of union between people that clearly have a strong connection I am very happy, I smile a lot behind the camera while I photograph and when I edit the photos here in front of the computer. Basically, I love my work.

I hope that Anna and António see these photos very often in the future and that they'll show them in a few years to more people. ;)

Let's party! "Do you want a shot?" :D

rock and roll wedding Lisboa
Casamento rock and roll Lisboa
Bride and groom rock and roll wedding
noiva e noivo casamento rock and roll Lisboa
rock and roll wedding casamento rock and roll


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