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Love, spoken and lived

I don't know if I've told you this but I love speeches, or vows or whatever you want to call them, at weddings. When people put their feelings into words and read them aloud so that everyone attending can hear them it is beautiful. I have found myself tearing up behind my camera several times, while I search for the best exchanges of looks and the best facial expressions in those speaking and in those watching.

B. and G.'s wedding was like that. There were beautiful moments from the start of the day during the preparations, lots of family members around, and a lot of shared Love.

At the ceremony, there were speeches made by the sister of the bride, the brother of the groom, about their relationship. But of course, the bride and groom also read their vows to each other. A piece of their history, demonstrating what they feel so that everyone there could witness it.

I can't convey the beauty of their words here, I can only show you some photographs of the smiles and the reactions.

In the photographs, I can also show you that there was a lot of celebrating, dancing, laughing, hugging and toasting after the ceremony!

It was as good as they come when one talks about wedding days, with spoken Love, without hesitation, and lived Love, without fear.

See the photos below.


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