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My wedding(s) and covid-19

I am a wedding photographer and I am a groom, I'm on both sides of the COVID-19 barricade when it comes to weddings.

I, like many others, planned my wedding for this year, in May to be more precise and I'm concerned at the moment. And I am this way not only for my own wedding but also for the weddings of all the brides and grooms that chose me to photograph them.

I know that many, especially those that are getting married in March, April and May (and possibly even further ahead), will see themselves in a situation in which they will have to decide, keep the date or postpone. I am in that situation and I still haven't decided, it is not easy.

Do you want to know what is giving me the hardest time as a photographer? It is thinking that the people I want to share my wedding day with, will make an effort to be there and they won't have fun because of the current situation connected to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It's hard for me to think that most of the conversations on that day will revolve around it and not around the funny stories that I'm still unaware of about my bride, that someone I haven't met will tell me on that day.

It's hard for me to imagine that my grandparents, that have been waiting for so long to see their grandson get married, might decide not to be there because they are clearly in one of the risk groups. And I have to understand that because if they were invited to someone else's wedding, I would tell them that they shouldn't go, not right now.

So, brides and grooms, I am one of you.

And what's giving me a hard time as a photographer? As a freelancer? As a vendor in the wedding industry? The uncertainty, without a doubt, that is it.

I'm never really sure when it comes to income, it's the life of a freelancer, but with all this, this year will be especially uncertain.

I know that a lot will depend on the decisions of the brides and grooms.

Those that decide to keep their dates, unless there are government-imposed restrictions, can count on me to be there and photograph the day to the best of my ability, doing what is possible in terms of prevention.

Those that decide to postpone, can count on my help so we can make it happen the best way. If I have availability I'll go with them to their new dates, but I know that that too can be hard from the vendor point of view.

If every couple decided to move their wedding to a similar date in 2021, it would be hard to have availability and if I did, it would be difficult because basically we would have one year's weddings distributed along two years. And unfortunately, the bills for this and next year will not be divided in two.

As a vendor, I'm recommending to the couples that decide to postpone their date to consider the possibility of having their wedding out of the normal wedding season. This way I know it will be easier for me to guarantee availability and the continuation of my business in the next year too.

So, vendors, I am one of you.

Meanwhile here I am at home, preparing some new albums to have at the studio, to show them off to brides and grooms when in-person meetings resume.

Now I'm going to go hug my bride for a while because even though the COVID-19 is messing with our plans, we're lucky enough to be voluntarily with each other's favorite person. ;)


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