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Rain or shine

This was the last wedding I photographed last year and I can say that the season ended on a high note!

Sofia and Ricardo also went through the adventure of having to postpone their celebration and ended up choosing the end of October. It is a bold choice because the weather isn't as predictable... but as people usually say around here: "Wet wedding, blessed wedding!" (It's cooler in Portuguese because it rhymes...)

About a month and a half before the wedding, we walked around in Leiria and at Polvoeira beach, in the September heat for their engagement shoot. We got treated to an awesome sunset at the beach and I got to meet Buddy, a very playful french bulldog.

The wedding day was spent in Leiria, but before we got to the ceremony at Nossa Senhora da Encarnação church, the bride and groom had to get ready. They were both a bit nervous about the weather, but the general feeling was "There's gonna be a party, rain or shine!"

The butterflies that were seen during the day weren't just the typical ones of people about to get married, but also representations of someone important whose memory was quite present during Sofia and Ricardo's wedding day.

Their gorgeous ceremony ended in gold when Ricardo's dad picked up his saxophone. Now there is something you don't see every day!

From there petals rained, the celebration was watered with a bit of Ginja (a typical Portuguese liqueur) and the real rain only came in later, to bless everything, of course.

The friends of the bride and groom made sure that they were never thirsty during the event at Quinta dos Castanheiros, and the entertainers got everyone moving so they could burn away some of that fuel! ;)

Before the night was over there was a delicious cake, a ribbon-dressed bouquet, and a flying turnip.

Yes, there was a flying turning and one of the single gents was very proud to have caught it!

It was a memorable day that was recorded in the hearts of the bride and groom and in the photographs.

Have a look.


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