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Sandra & Rui | Married

Is everything ready? Let's go then! Step forward, towards another grand celebration.

There was rain at this September wedding, but that didn't dampen the spirits of those who were there! In fact, I think that the rain might have been ordered because the bride and groom knew this party was going to be on fire.

This is the story of a Love that started with jumping, literally. Rui is a coach at Trampolins Clube de Leiria, and he and Sandra met there with the little helpers in the photo above as intermediaries! The rest is history and with 3 little helpers plus a dozen bridesmaids, the big day could only go well. :)

The ceremony happened at Quinta das Oliveiras and was imbued with many smiles and a few tears of happiness. Many of those were due to the beautiful vows that the bride and groom wrote and read to each other.

At this wedding, there was a lot of dancing. The bride and groom danced, the guests danced, there were dance performance moments and above all, there was a lot of happiness in dance form!

Some of the dance moves were so bold that some trousers didn't make it and they ripped open! I won't tell you whose, but you might figure it out with the photos! :D

After this, the rain gave us a little break and we managed to get some pictures of the lovely couple before the dancing resumed.

There was also a video that got everyone laughing even harder and a beautiful cake cutting moment before the dancing continued into the night.

Everything in the pictures coming next. Have a look.


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