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Speed, proximity and friendship!

Yes, those are tires. Yes, it is a wedding cake.

Just another bit of proof that you can have the wedding you want, including the things you love!

Jéssica and Fábio love cars, they go to events, they follow races, competitions, with their friends, who love cars. They wanted that to be part of their day and so it was.

The day started off calmly, around the houses where the bride and groom got ready with the help of their family.

But things got lively quickly at the ceremony, with the arrival of more and more friends, the bridesmaids, and the flower boys (not the regular kind, ahah, you can see them below).

It was easy to see that the party would be awesome because there was no lack of toasts and playfulness amongst friends.

In fact, some of the guys and gals really wore themselves out and had to take a nap to recuperate. :)

At a certain point, the revving of engines started to be heard and it was at that time, the friends gathered for some fun around the cars.

We also took advantage of the quiet surroundings of the venue to go for a short walk for their couple pictures before the bride and groom came back in to cut the cake I showed you above.

After cutting the cake, the words of the ones closest to the couple revealed their closeness and brought tears to the eyes of even the most stoic. ;)

From there the party accelerated, even more, picking up speed into the night.

Entertainers - @blackandwhite_animacao

Cake - @pserip

Make-up - @beautybylouraco

Rings -


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