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Teresa & Diogo | Married

Come back, Summer!

To make up for the cold that has been felt lately, here goes a Love story that is very hot and happened on some lovely Summer days, just the kind we enjoy!

This is Teresa and Diogo's story and I can say that this couple came to me because I met Diogo at the job I used to do before becoming a photographer, in the Air Force.

The first time I photographed them was on their engagement shoot that took place at the Monserrate gardens and Adraga beach, with a very comforting Summer heat and lots of smiles.

The day of the wedding was filled with adventures, childhood friends that came from afar to join the party, a great friend coordinating the ceremony, tears of happiness, the Air Force dudes paying homage to the bride and groom, surprises, lots of masks, lots of dancing, that even turned competitive with a dance-off and prizes for said dance-off.

The ceremony and the party happened at Quinta do Coração in Vila Franca de Xira, and the person that was making everyone dance was Sérgio Tavares, pulling on the competitive strings of the guests. ;)

Oh, and there was a lot of talking, good conversations indeed. At the end of the party, I also had the chance to chat with people I hadn't seen in some time... You know, the kind of conversations in which you solve the problems of the world!

But what was really good was being able to capture so many emotional and fun moments in just one day.

Take a look at the pics!



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