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The family we choose

I believe that the relationships we live in are our chance to choose family. And marriage is just that, adding to the family we have, be it big or small.

Íris and Rui are examples of that, they make their family bigger by who they choose to have close, even if some of those people took a bit longer to be discovered. :)

We got together for a family session before the wedding which gave me a chance to walk around a bit with them and to get to know the dynamics of the four of them. And also to see the 4L! After all, they are big fans of that car and it would be their vehicle for the big day!

On the wedding day, one thing that surely wasn't lacking was people happy to be there and share time with them and their little ones, Lara and Matilde.

The celebration was even bigger because it was also Matilde's christening.

In the heat of late August, there was happiness in Vieira de Leiria, and then they got in their trusty Renault 4L that took them to Quinta da Valinha, where the party continued.

At the Quinta, Matilde's eyes lit up when she was welcomed by Minnie, that the entertainers, 3D Eventos, brought to the party!

The running around of the young ones was unstoppable! And the older ones also got a lot of dancing done in moments of partying that alternated with some relaxing.

At night the newlyweds got to cut their cake, but their little ones seem to be more interested in the fireworks! :D

Was there more dancing? Sure there was! The bride and groom did their first dance and then the guests joined in!

Have a look.



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