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The train of life takes us to some beautiful places

Today's trip is a beautiful one.

Celina and André came to me by referral from another couple that I photographed, and then we came to the conclusion that they also knew a second couple whose wedding I had also photographed! It's wonderful how small our world is.

The world is so small in fact that two people can meet while they work at the same company, even though they come from different places, and they can start from that moment onward building a trip together.

The first dates in their story involved going to the Oceanarium, so we decided to start there our walk around Lisbon before the wedding. During the local festivities because of the saints, we went to Alfama (one of the traditional neighborhoods in Lisbon) and we hopped over to one of the city's viewpoints.

On the big day, the couple chose to get ready at Celina's parents' place, in Albergaria dos Doze, minimizing the distances to travel during the wedding day. In my opinion, it is always a great solution to choose a single place for getting ready in this situation but it all depends on the couple.

In this case, André could take his time, and watch the trains go by while he got ready, he just couldn't see the wedding dress before the ceremony, and we made sure of it!

This way they could be together while they got ready, welcoming their guests and chatting with friends and family before they went to the ceremony.

The bride and groom arrived at the church to the sound of music that also came from the hands of Celina's brother, clearly excited about his sister's wedding. :)

The ceremony was lively and since the day was really hot, the chapel is possibly the record holder for the highest temperature, but that didn't rob any of the ones attending of their smile.

After the explosive church exit (because of the party-poppers), the couple got into their classic car and we all headed to Quinta do Ti Lucas, where the celebration got readily underway with Zé Águas' team.

Between the partying in the afternoon and the partying at night we went for a small walk in the fields around the venue and we made some fun-loving portraits of these two kind souls, clearly in tune with each other, so much so that they can even dance without music. :)

Later that night they had their official first dance, to the sound of music this time around, the crowd went wild! And then they joined in to dance into the night.

The amount of good people I meet and of happy people I see on days like these is what makes me love what I do.

Long live the newlyweds!

Entertainers - @zeaguas

Gifts - Bi Cavadinha

Florist - Flor do campo

Classic Car - Filipe Ricardo