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We all need a good party!

Casamento Quinta do Ti Lucas

The pandemic has been grinding our gears for some time, but fortunately, Love is still more "viral".

Liliana and Ricardo's wedding took place at the beginning of October last year and it hit just the right spot because a lot of people had spent the entire Summer without a really good party, and we all need a good party once in a while! ;)

The day started off a bit gray but that wasn't an obstacle and for the photographs, it's not bad at all.

Between getting ready, sewing a button (adventures of a wedding day), and trips, the time of the ceremony came around quickly and the ring bearers lead the way for the bride and her parents nearly at the set time. ;)

The wedding rings tried to elope during the ceremony but they were prevented from doing so by watchful eyes and were delivered in hand at the right time to the bride and groom who put them on with a huge smile on their faces.

The party-poppers announced the end of the ceremony but at the same time the start of the most festive part of the day!

At Quinta do Ti Lucas there was no lack of kisses and good beverages, and the entertainment, that was being handled by Altavoz Events, had a strong helping hand from the father of the groom that kept getting everyone into a playful mindset.

In fact, this wedding was filled with party people, from the youngest to the oldest. There were even some that gave their pants away in the name of fun! ;)

It was an awesome party, just the type we need, especially on a happy day, a wedding day!


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