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Headshot, what is it?

Did someone get shot in the head? Fortunately not! Even though that is the literal use of "headshot" here I'm talking about the word used in the photography world to refer to the photograph of someone's face, specially when it is made for promotional ends of the person itself, more common among actors, models and authors, but not exclusive to these professions and in a way applicable to all of us.

How many of us have a resume where we have an old fashioned studio photograph which we don't even like deep down but we guess "it's the best one can get"?

How many of us have a Linked In profile, one of the new ways of searching for a job, with a reused photo in which we look pretty good but we had to crop out the people standing next to us? And even on Facebook, who has professional pages with the photograph taken last summer, in which we look really great, but that doesn't exactly pass on the image we want to show off? We're missing that one "headshot", different from a portrait, it is our promotional image! Our professional "self"!

Talk to me to get yours!





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