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Love, and lots of laughter in the mix!

The 2022 wedding season started off with a bang and since any day is good for a wedding, it started in January! :D

Rute and João found me because I also photographed Rute's cousin's wedding, also called João, which you can see here! So I knew that there were going to be a lot of fun-loving people there!

The bride and groom wanted to get the year going with a great party and that's what happened, a day filled with Love, lots of laughter and a few adventures!

Besides being their wedding day, it was also their daughter Matilde's baptism. This made it a day with even more happy memories ready to be captured.

The fun started early in the morning with their preparations, but by ceremony time emotion filled the air.

The guests could wait to get partying so as soon as the bride and groom got out of the church they quickly got drinks in their hands. I was really happy with the number of laughs that I managed to capture in photographs on that day. It was a spectacle in which even the venue team from Quinta das Palmeiras took an active part!

There were lots of toasts and entertainment too thanks to the guys and gals from R. Eventos.

Later in the night when the single ladies were trying to find the key to success to get the bouquet, it came to light that the right key was in the pocket of the groom's brother who had an important question for his significant other too. :D

It was a day CHOCK-FULL of good things, and they will be able to repeat and relive it whenever they see their photos.

See for yourself.


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