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My "why"

I heard a quote recently that got me thinking:

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.”

The quote is from Simon Sinek’s book “Start with why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action”.

So? Well, since my life at this time is deeply connected to photography, and I want you to hire me to photograph your wedding, or I want you to talk about me and share this post with your friends that are getting married, I started thinking I should share my “why” with you.

Why do I do wedding photography?

I photograph weddings because I believe that this life is meant to be shared.

It is important to know how to exist as individuals, yes; there is value in sharing our life with our family and all of our friends, no question; but the highest value, in my opinion, the peak of happiness is to share it with that person that for us is unique, and that is for us the most important piece in the puzzle of life. That one piece which after being found will let us see the image, even if unfinished, clearly. That makes everything that is still to be done seem easier just by being there.

This piece isn’t easy to find, I know because I still haven’t found mine, but when it is found I believe that is cause for celebration. That celebration is normally a wedding, but it might not be. No matter the form, the place and the people involved, what is celebrated is the fact that two people have found each other in the confusion of the world, and that the two together are something more, something better than what they are separately and I think that is beautiful. That should be seen, witnessed, remembered time and time again. The images of two people that love each other make me believe that the world is better as a couple and give me continuous hope that my piece of the puzzle is out there.

While I can’t find her, I’m being happy making photographs of happy people, of those who chose to celebrate the sharing of life and Love with another, and I hope with those photographs to make them even happier. Be it now, during the next few years with the photographs that hang on the wall, or in a few decades when getting the album from the shelf and feeling again all that you felt on that day through the images I created.

And you, why do you do what you do?

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