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Persistence and reward

At the end of last year I had a pleasant contact with a couple that was going to get married in April this year. A common friend put me in contact with them and I invited them to come over to my place, to talk about what they wished for their special day in terms of photography.

They came over and we had a good conversation, with coffee, we exchanged ideas, they told me what they expected and I showed them a bit more of my work and what I could do for them.

They seemed happy with what they heard and saw from me and I also enjoyed being in contact with them.

I sent them an email after our meeting to remind them of some of the things we had talked about and to make myself available to answer any other questions that could come up in the meantime. And I waited for their reply. After waiting for about two weeks I sent them a new email, asking how they were and if they had had the chance to analyze and make a decision about the photographer for their wedding. And I waited for their reply... and I waited... and I waited...

Since I began in this professional activity I've gotten used to the fact that many people don't take the time to say "no", instead opting to not say anything. It's a bit like when we go to a store looking for clothing and then we still want to see other stores, we don't go back to the first one to say "I ended up buying it somewhere else". With a bid difference, at the clothing store normally they don't welcome us with coffee and don't spend an hour, or whatever time it takes, to understand what we want and explain what they can do for us.

I'm more unhappy when people don't answer me than when they tell me "no", mostly because I don't get to know what I can improve, so that eventually others can tell me "yes" in the future.

[time jump forward to early April]

A common friend put me in contact with a couple that was going to get married at the end of the month and still didn't have a photographer, I thought it was strange that they were taking care of it so close to the ceremony but fortunately I was available since that weekend had gone unbooked.

I talked on the phone with the bride and I arranged to meet them personally.

I met with just the bride because of time constraints and we talked a bit about what they wanted. It was the first time I saw her and we had a good chat, with coffee. I had met the groom at a dinner party of another friend in common a couple of years before, but I hadn't been with him again.

They said yes! We took care of formalities and on the day there I was photographing and there they were enjoying their special day surrounded by family and friends.

During the day I started to realize my luck. The one that was supposed to be didn't happen and this one, that I didn't even count on, happened! I don't know how the other wedding was, but this one was really great in my opinion! I liked it for the emotion and happiness that I saw in the bride and groom and in those around them. The smiles, the tears, the tight hugs, the beautiful things one can see in special days like these. I made photographs that I think are beautiful and I honestly hope they will love them too.

Some times you don't plan things early in advance and even so things go wonderfully well. If we persist past the small obstacles and continue on our way, eventually the things that we dream of will start to happen and the rewards will start to come.

May there be more like this one.

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