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Cecília & Davi | Married

Coming from across the Atlantic, from where the portuguese language has a more musical touch, Cecília and Davi came to Fátima to get married. It was not random, neither the place nor the date.

They are people with great faith and decided that nothing could be better than to celebrate their union during the celebration of the centenary of the apparitions in Fátima. They came a few days early, and they managed to see the Pope. On the 16th of May, at the time they were celebrating one year of engagement, they tied the knot.

Those who know me are aware that I'm not one of great faith, but I confess, pun intended, that this religious wedding had something different, a special touch.

There weren't many guests, but there were all those important people who decided to embark on the great voyage with Cecília and Davi, to celebrate in Portugal. There were three priests, and two of them also came from Brazil! The third one, portuguese, was who helped the bride and groom to make their dream come true. The music was played by one of their friends, a guitar, his voice, aided by the guest's voices, simple, beautiful. The groom's sister, Paula, that introduced them, was the one who carried their rings, to confirm that which she helped to begin.

I was lucky enough to be able to share lunch, good wine and good conversations amongst the guests. We spoke about the beautiful places in Portugal which they had visited and about the ones they were still going to visit. Cecília's mother, Vera, told me what she normally does with the corks from the wine bottles she drinks wherever she goes. She told me that with the date and place written on them, they become a physical memory not only of where and when but also of the special taste that a good wine brings to a moment of happiness. I loved the idea, and I imagine a wall covered with dated corks next to simultaneously taken photographs, to add to where, when and to the taste of the moment, the sight of how it happened.

I hope these photos help to create one such wall!

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