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Tânia & Amílcar | Married

So let's keep it going with the events from this year that will soon come to an end!

Tânia and Amílcar went for a stroll in Leiria's castle when the weather was still kind of wintry and I tagged along. Right from that moment I could tell that these two people got the best out of each other. The way that they look at each other and the smiles that come from those looks are decidedly the kind of smiles that look the best in photographs.

They got hitched and christened their little girl, about three months later, on a sunny day filled with a great mood.

There was an "Wonderland" vibe, which was actually the decor theme and , even though the bride's name wasn't Alice, some magical rabbits were spotted throughout the day!

The gardens of Quinta do Sobral in Alvorge had some secluded spots that in fact seemed to be pulled out of Lewis Carroll's book and that served as background for some beautiful photographs!

And of course, the high spirits of the bride and groom, relatives and friends, generated fun moments that continued all night long! :)

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