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Hélia & Telmo | Married

So here is a different wedding! The bride and groom, Hélia and Telmo, decided to have a celebration of their life together up until then and of their Love, that was physically present in the person that is their daughter Leonor, all in one day!

They chose not a usual wedding venue but rather a welcoming house with a lovely garden where they could gather their relatives and closest friends to celebrate with them.

It was a ceremony in which many of those that were present took part in with speeches and dear words. There were stories about how they met the bride and groom, shared moments, about missing each other and about the happiness of being together, specially now. There was above all a lot of shared Love and beautiful wishes for a happy life together all the way into the very far future!

It was a great summer day, with welcoming sunshine, time to sit down on the grass and catch up with friends.

I know that for many it might seem simple for a wedding, but believe me, the most important things were all there. :)

Here are the photos for you to see and kisses and hugs for Hélia, Telmo and their Leonor!

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