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Sandra & José Carlos | Married

So here goes another wedding with an exceptional bride and groom!

Sandra and José Carlos have been together for quite a while. Reading this one might think that they could have started dating 10 years ago, as is sometimes the case, and that they were just waiting for life to stabilize to have their ceremony. But the fact is that Sandra and José have been together for over 20 years!

However it was also clear that they didn’t wait around for anything, they made their life happen! When they came to their wedding day, they already had a complete life built together, with a wonderful home, 5 amazing kids, a large family and lots of friends with whom to share the party and… horses! Yes, horses!

All that was missing was to make the celebration happen and they did it last summer.

The day started with lots of comings and goings in their family’s home, everyone getting ready together, the pets surprised by all the people, the maids of honor, the best men, friends and relatives, socializing even before the ceremony.

The ceremony happened in Golegã and the party at Quinta Guadalupe. At the party there were games (some without drinks and some including them), lots of dancing and speeches of happiness seasoned with the occasional tear of emotion.

At the end of the night when I finished up, I said goodbye to Sandra and José Carlos convinced that, after all they are still and will very likely continue to be boyfriend and girlfriend, besides the fact that now they are married too!


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