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Mariana & Paulo | Married

Who manages to get married on the day of a tropical storm without getting wet? Mariana and Paulo of course!

The day started off quite bright despite the approach of the hurricane turned tropical storm Leslie. The meteorologists had been sounding very menacing but what we actually saw was a quite pleasant day.

They celebrated their union in Alcobaça, inside the wonderful monastery that I'll have the chance to revisit this coming weekend. Next they walked calmly over to Challet Fonte Nova, accompanied by their guests. It was only after the appetizers, good conversations, photographs and after we got into the great tent they have set up for events at the chalet, that the rain and the wind finally came along.

Despite that the party inside the tent was heating up with the activities planned by the maid of honor and the best man!

When we questioned if it would be possible to cut the cake outside, the rain decided to stop for long enough for the bride and groom to make their toast, cut the cake and for everyone to get back in and continue the party, before the rain itself returned in full force.

With dancing and twirling and a few polaroids to add to the photographs made by me, Mariana and Paulo can say that not even Leslie managed to interrupt their celebration and they have lots of pictures to prove it!

Here they are. :)

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