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Laura & Emanuel | Married

When I said that I photographed a lot of people that came to get married in Portugal this year, I wasn't joking or exaggerating!

Today is the day I tell you about Laura and Emanuel, who are both Portuguese but came from France, where they live and work, to Portugal this summer for the great party that was their wedding.

They didn't come alone, of course, they brought their little ones, family and friend. It was a great gathering, with the ones from over there joining the ones from over here and everyone was excited about the celebration of their Love!

They arrived in Portugal about a week before the date for the final preparations, and that also gave us time for a photoshoot at Paredes beach that started with the bride and groom but ended as a family. It was a great start to the festivities!

On the big day, there was a lot of running around because the groom started the day without a shirt to wear! But with proactive people, that problem was overcome and e quickly got the groom ready to go and then we met up with the bride.

At the bride's house, there were a lot of good-humored people and the hangers with names and dresses matched them in number! After all, brides love having helpers! ;)

The ceremony took place in Maceira and the reception was at Quinta da Boubã. There the fun started early and it never stopped! The bride's brother made sure that everyone danced and laughed!

It was a spectacle crowned by fireworks.

Have a look!


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