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The dance of life

We live in a world in which we easily change locations, jobs, opinions, so it is increasingly common to grow up somewhere, go to school in a different place, get a job in a third city, and so forth. Carla and Alberto's story is a bit like that, they came from different places, they have lived in different places, they've had different jobs, but in the middle of all of this, they found each other as a constant in the dance of life.

They found me through a recommendation from another photographer from a different field (you can see Luís's work here) whom Alberto knows through his job, and I started getting familiar right away with this very travel intensive story of theirs, which started when they met while studying.

Right now much of their life happens around Coimbra, that's why we went for a walk there before the wedding.

The ceremony itself happened close to Leiria, at the church in Pedreiras, and after that the dance continued at Quinta das Oliveiras, at Azóia.

Carla shares a special connection with the Grupo Quinta dos Lagos, which includes the venue that they chose because she's worked at those venues multiple times, bringing fun to the happy days of other couples. :)

What certainly wasn't lacking on this day was fun, since DJ Nuno Carreira and his team (also Carla's friends) were there to get everyone moving!

This is the type of memorable day in which you realize that the best constants you can have are not places and things, but the people we meet and keep with us throughout the dance of life.



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